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A Brief History

   The beginning of the Methodist Church in the Leon area was August 1872, at a meeting of community families in a “Camp Meeting” in Dilt’s Grove, near Quito, northeast of Leon. The membership increased there as the years progressed.

   The charter year for incorporation of the Leon Methodist Church was 1880, also the year celebrated as the beginning of the City of Leon, which flourished as the “Frisco” rails brought commerce and transportation to the area.

   The first Leon Methodist Church building (above left) was built on the site of the present building, a white frame structure facing west. The site was a gift from the Leon Town Company.

   Membership grew to the point that a new building was found necessary. A new brick veneered building was constructed and dedicated on July 3, 1909, on the site of the old one, and was in continuous use for the next 49 years (above right).

   The first service in the present day church is recorded as January 17, 1960, with the formal opening January 31, 1960 (above center).

 Paraphrased excerpts from “History of the Leon United Methodist Church, published 1980”